About 3Keys® HypnoBirth:

3Keys® HypnoBirth is as much a philosophy as a process. Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby is our utmost priority, and finely tuned hypnosis is the crux of the program. The concept of hypnosis for calm, peaceful childbirth is not new; it has been used medically for more than 100 years and is supportive of births of all kinds—from natural, unmedicated, vaginal birth through cesarean section, and everything in between. Contrary to contemporary belief, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor, nor is medication the only way to facilitate effective labor and/or comfortable birth.

Because it is hypnosis-centered, when you choose to have your baby with 3Keys® HypnoBirth, you will learn and be able to easily and rapidly access the exceptional relaxation state that only hypnosis can produce. General relaxation is simply not the same thing and is not sustainable without the hypnosis component. This is why the hypnosis aspect of hypno birthing is so essential. Conventional hypno-birthing methods tend to address natural, typically unmedicated, vaginal birth, but are not equipped to support anything else. They also offer very little genuine hypnosis, with many practitioners having no formal hypnosis training at all.

Hypnosis, when properly understood and utilized, is incomparable to any other childbirth tool. It is the hypnosis that links and supports all facets of peaceful childbirth. It frees you of any fear-induced resistance and enables you to be fully present with your labor, conversant (if you like) and in good spirits, totally relaxed, yet fully in control. And 3Keys® HypnoBirth recognizes that not everyone wants a natural birth, nor does everyone have the option. While it is a hypnosis program to assist natural, vaginal birth, it is also a comprehensive, user-friendly process that utilizes essential hypnotic techniques which complement all birth scenarios.
3Keys® HypnoBirth is a client-centered approach to hypnotic childbirth. It is a complete system of hypnosis-based pre to postnatal support which facilitates faster and more comfortable delivery and recovery, and eases transition from pregnancy to motherhood, bonding, and breastfeeding. Post-partum preparation and guidance are an integral part of the program, and you may rest assured that some time is dedicated exclusively to this aspect, including post-partum-specific hypnosis.

3Keys® HypnoBirth is the natural progression of 3Keys® HypnoFertility, the unprecedented program originated by Lynsi Eastburn, the world pioneer of Fertility Hypnosis. It is science-based and backed up by more than two decades of professional application. As with HypnoFertility®, Lynsi’s original HypnoBirth program has evolved over the years. 3Keys® HypnoBirth is the most refined version ever, updated and co-created by Lynsi Eastburn and HypnoBirth specialist Hayley Middleton.

What makes 3Keys® HypnoFertility so special?

3Keys® HypnoBirth is literally a hypnosis-centered birth program. It utilizes the power of hypnosis for the most beneficial birthing outcomes possible. These days there are myriad “hypno birthing” programs available. Unfortunately, the majority of them lean more toward childbirth education and hypnosis usage is minimal. This is, in part, because many of those offering various forms of hypno birthing actually have very little training in hypnosis. Relaxation by itself is not enough. Without clear understanding of—and proficiency in—hypnosis, it is very difficult to facilitate actual hypnosis-based birthing. And, as hypnosis for birthing has very little, if any, regulation there is no consistency from one program to another, from one practitioner to another, from one city, state, or country to another. Without proper application of the hypnosis part of hypno birthing, it is simply impossible to reap its benefits. Without the emphasis on hypnosis, you basically have just another childbirth education class.

This comprehensive program is hypnosis for birth like it’s never been taught before. It supports all birth journeys, creates spiritual unity between Mother, baby and partner, and brings baby into this world in a truly fulfilling manner.

Eliminate Fear, Tension, and Pain with this Unparalleled System
3Keys® HypnoBirth Advantages

  • Key focus is mother/baby bond ~ healthy mom, healthy baby
  • Helps facilitate a comfortable, peaceful labor and birthing experience for both mother and baby
  • Shorter, more comfortable birthing
  • Mind/body/spirit balance – birthing on all levels
  • All forms of birth are supported
  • Complementary to all birthing methods and childbirth education classes
  • Doctor, nurse, midwife, doula, hospital, and homebirth friendly
  • Fewer incidences of need for medication during natural birth
  • Fewer breech presentations
  • Fewer complications and easier resolution in the event of complication
  • An awake, refreshed, and energized birthing mother
  • A better outcome for mother and baby
  • A serene, peaceful birthing environment
  • Calm babies who are better sleepers and eaters
  • Happy parents who experience a serene, joyful birthing rather than a tense, stressful ordeal
  • Help create the birth you want
  • Supports VBAC
  • And more…

About us

Lynsi Eastburn Creator of 3Keys® HypnoFertility

Lynsi Eastburn

Hayley Middleton 3Keys® HypnoBirth Specialist