Birth Services Start Your Birth Journey with 3Keys® HypnoBirth

Hayley Middleton gave birth to her own two children using the distinctive hypnosis process that is 3Keys® HypnoBirth.  Hayley is its co-creator, having collaborated with Lynsi Eastburn on the expansion of Lynsi’s original HypnoBirth program. A skilled hypnotherapist and passionate birthing specialist, Lynsi invited Hayley to contribute her unique expertise and firsthand knowledge to help establish the most comprehensive birthing hypnosis program ever.

The 3Keys® HypnoBirth method is a precision blend of science and spirit that addresses the entire being—mind, body, and spirit. With that in mind, we help you to tune in to your body and your baby, to remain in harmony with both throughout your labor and birth, and to welcome the birth experience that is just right for the both of you. Each and every birth is unique. Each and every birth is personal. And each and every birth can be peaceful and fulfilling. Birthing is not something you do… it is something that unfolds. The more in tune you are, the better. You and your baby are connected physiologically as well as energetically and we teach you how to make the most of this and create the best possible birth experience.

Our hypnosis-based birthing program consists of 5 sessions designed to thoroughly address everything you need for your fulfilling birth and postpartum success. Online group classes are available, or you may book private online sessions with Hayley. Hypnosis sessions are conducted live (online – in real time) and recorded for your personal convenience—you can listen as often as you like. Group classes are also recorded on video, and you will have lifetime access to your entire 3Keys® HypnoBirth program.