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Lynsi Eastburn maintains a global clientele. She is currently accepting new clients locally (in the Denver area), as well as via telephone, Facebook messenger, and video conferencing programs (including Skype, Zoom, and Facetime). 


Please note: It is unfortunate that we must clarify this, but HypnoFertility® is a specialized program that was created by Lynsi Eastburn. Lynsi is the sole proprietor of HypnoFertility International, and she is the only trainer of her HypnoFertility® certification program. There are other people claiming they are teaching HypnoFertility®, but they are not teaching Lynsi’s program or they are teaching it without permission. 


People sometimes use the term “hypnofertility” generically, however if you are looking specifically for HypnoFertility® training or private sessions please be advised that only HypnoFertility® practitioners listed here are trained by Lynsi. If someone is not listed on this website, they are not certified in HypnoFertility® and are practicing something other than Lynsi Eastburn’s methods. Due to increasing communications from confused clients and students, and in order to keep the integrity of the HypnoFertility® program intact, we feel it necessary to disclose this information at this time. 


Ultimately, discretion is essential in choosing any practitioner or instructor, regardless of the modality. Intuition should be a vital part of gauging any decision you make. People resonate with others or they don’t. Does something resonate with you (or not)? That is the key to finding the connection that is right for you. 

We strive to keep our listings current. It is the responsibility of all certified HypnoFertiltiy® therapists to keep their information updated or they will be removed from this website. 


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