HypnoFertility Therapists

Lynsi Eastburn maintains a global clientele. She is currently accepting new clients locally (in the Denver area), as well as via telephone, Facebook messenger, and video conferencing programs (including Skype, Zoom, and Facetime).
All Hypnotherapists Listed Below Are Eastburn Certified In HypnoFertility®
***Note: This is a courtesy listing only. It is the individual's responsibility to research any therapist; it is the therapist's responsibility to make necessary information available to potential clients.

Premier HypnoFertility® Therapists
Following is a list of Lynsi's preferred network of HypnoFertility® Therapists with whom she has a first-hand, and ongoing relationship. These are the people she feels she can personally recommend. With the ease of distance communication through video conferencing programs such as Skype, there is no longer a need for local referrals; what is needed are serious, dedicated professional HF therapists who are actively practicing. 

*In alphabetical order...* 


Premier HF Therapists

Dee Ballington

Hypno Fertility Solutions
Little Silver, NJ, USA
Phone: 1-732-615-8368

Lisa Brent

Calling Harmony Hypnotherapy

Denver, CO USA

Phone: 303-551-1989



Anita Butler

Melanie Colwell

Melanie Colwell Fertility Coaching Adelaide, South Australia 

Phone: +61 404 488 952  www.melaniecolwell.com 

Ken Dombrowski

 Love Your Life Hypnosis 

Green Bay, WI, USA 

Phone: 1-920-412-9980  kendombrowski321@gmail.com loveyourlifehypnosis.net 

Nancy J. Douglas

 Halton Hypnosis Center & School Burlington, Ontario, Canada 

Phone: 1-905-516-2234  www.haltonhypnosis.com 

Veronica Giannini

  IVF Stress Relief 

Coconut Grove, FL, USA 

Phone: 1-347-549-2659  

Alanna Jackson

 Hypnotic Resolutions 

Lawrenceville, GA, USA info@hypnoticresolutions.com www.HypnoticResolutions.com 

Adrianne Latimour

Dynamic Health Therapy Inc. Keswick, Ontario, Canada 

Phone: 1-905-535-3330 info@DynamicHealthTherapy.com www.KeswickTherapy.com 

Sherrie Martin

Flatirons Hypnotherapy 

Broomfield, CO, USA 

Phone: 1-720-445-9848 flatironshypnotherapy.com 

Ayalon Sherefkin

Jerusalem, Israel 

NikLatLi - SubContious Fertility Phone: 052-363-3391 NiklatLi1@gmail.com 

Wakaba Nakamura Taitano

 Body & Mind

 Guam, USA and Nagano, Japan

Phone: 1-671-988-1119 Phone: +81 050-5534-0417  

Deborah Smith

Advanced Therapies in Hypnosis
Richmond, VA USA

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