HypnoFertility Training


Become a Certified HypnoFertility® Therapist

Learn the advanced techniques that will allow you to enhance your practice and/or create your own niche. Addressing natural and medically assisted fertility issues, this course is a must-have, especially for those specializing in birthing and women’s issues.

Please be aware that Lynsi's private practice consumes a great deal of her time and therefore, due to high demand for this training, she offers the HypnoFertility® certification program annually through the National Guild of Hypnotists' (NGH) Summer Institute (though not in 2019).

Private Trainings are also available with Lynsi via telephone/Skype/Zoom or in her Denver office. Please contact the Eastburn Institute for further training information and/or specifics: contact us.

Millions of dollars are spent on fertility procedures each year. Hypnosis for fertility is much needed and caring individuals will find very rewarding work in this field.
Included in the course is a myriad of materials that will increase your success with fertility issues. This intensive program is packed with  protocols, scripts, and studies that will enable you to work with and support clients’ fertility/pregnancy related situations, and will also prepare you for interaction with doctors and other medical professionals.
HypnoFertility® is becoming one of the most sought-after approaches in  fertility today. Developed by Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor, Lynsi Eastburn, this unprecedented hypnotherapy program helps women to conceive naturally and provides hypnotherapeutic support to women undergoing IVF and other medical procedures.

Doctors recommend Eastburn’s program. More than just visualization, this is a powerful, precise program that supports the entire fertility  process (natural or medically assisted) for optimal results.   

You'll Learn:  

  • Creating your niche—getting started
  • Hypnotic approaches
  • The HypnoFertility®  interview/presenting issues/how to do a fertility-specific intake
  • Setting the intention
  • The fear connection
  • The love connection
  • Studies 
  • Inductions
  • Subconscious Purge applications
  • Powerful fertility-sensitive protocols for success
  • ***NEW*** Lynsi's Rapid Conception Technique
  • And so much more!

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