Become Certified in 3Keys® HypnoBirth

Become Certified in 3Keys® HypnoBirth

The natural progression of 3Keys® HypnoFertility

with Hayley Middleton

It’s important to recognize that women who experience infertility—even for a brief time—are frequently left emotionally exhausted. Receiving a positive pregnancy test result does not magically erase the trauma they have been through. HypnoFertility® clients often wish to continue with hypnosis throughout their pregnancies and also to utilize its benefits for the birthing process. The fact is that medically assisted conception regularly results in the need for medically assisted birth. 3Keys® HypnoBirth is a valuable application of hypnosis to assist natural, vaginal birth, but is also a comprehensive, user-friendly program that utilizes essential hypnotic techniques that complement all potential birth scenarios including:

  • mandatory c-sections ~ emergency c-sections ~ multiple births ~ high-risk pregnancy
  • nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (NVP)
  • breech presentation (how to turn a breech baby with hypnosis—even over the phone)
  • pre-mature labor ~ medical need to induce labor (hypnotic induction of labor)
  • anxiety and fear surrounding pregnancy and birth
  • lactation ~ bonding ~ postpartum depression ~ and much more . . .

Increase your success and create a thriving practice with the training that pulls it all together. You’ll get a myriad of materials that will increase your success with birthing issues.


Learn at your own pace online training available. 


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