Other Resources

Conceptions of Colorado

An advanced fertility clinic with exceptional success rates. 


CNY Fertility

A world leader in top quality, affordable fertility care. 


Eastburn Hypnotherapy

Lynsi and Drake Eastburn's practice. Though Lynsi's focus is fertility, her husband Drake works with a variety or issues. Virtually anything you want to change is easier with hypnosis.


National Guild of Hypnotists

A non-profit, membership-based, international organization for professional consulting hypnotists.  


Acupuncture Denver

Specialists in acupuncture and Chinese medicine for women's health and fertility enhancement. 


Denver Fertility Acupuncture

Jeff Faudem specializes in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility and pregnancy. 


Martie MacDougall

Angelic Reiki healer and teacher, empath, intuitive counselor, and hypnotherapist. 


WhiteOak's Herbs and More

Loose herbs, essential oils, fragrance oils, fairies and fairy items, and more.  

Items to cleanse space including white sage, smudge sticks, sea salt and more.  


Resolve: The National Infertility Association

 Resolve is dedicated to ensuring that all people challenged in their family  building journey reach resolution through being empowered by knowledge,  supported by community, united by advocacy, and inspired to act. 




It's Conceivable: Hypnosis for Fertility - 2nd Edition

“I just know there is a baby there, I just know it.” These words are ever familiar to Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor Lynsi Eastburn.  “There’s more to it,” says Eastburn, referring to  her clients’ fertility issues. “It’s not as simple as a physiological  diagnosis—I’ve seen it over and over again. And oftentimes the diagnosis  is ‘unexplained infertility’ which means they can find no cause at all.  The issue(s) must be addressed holistically: mind/body/spirit.” That’s  exactly what Eastburn does in her Colorado hypnosis clinic. The result:  BABIES!  

Women with diagnoses ranging from physiological impediments to  unexplained infertility—including those told by top specialists that they would never have a baby of their own—are becoming pregnant. Naturally or utilizing hypnotherapeutic support in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), these women’s dreams are coming  true.   

This book chronicles some of Lynsi Eastburn’s actual fertility clients, sharing their stories from walking into her clinic  with an infertility diagnosis to successful conception/birth. Find out how this powerful process has worked to help couples become parents, and how it can work for you.

The 3 Keys to Conception: Pregnancy Against All Odds

Trying to conceive and getting nowhere is not only frustrating, it is  heartbreaking. It seems it's easy for everyone else, but not for you.  You may feel alone, isolated, and even find yourself wondering if you  are somehow being punished for an unknown transgression that has  rendered you undeserving of becoming a mother. You are not alone, and  you are not being punished. But you may be missing a crucial piece of  the puzzle. The 3 Keys to Conception contains the simple but powerful  message that may be just what you need to tie it all together. Whether  you resonate with this book or not, know that your baby is coming to you  in just the right time and in just the right way.


The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living a Fertile Life

The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living a Fertile Life is a comprehensive  tool for improving your fertility. This unique blend of Eastern and  Western medicine prepares the reader for a life-changing journey to a  healthy and fertile life. Focusing on the body's natural ability to  evolve and change, Dr. Kiltz highlights the many ways that you can take  an active role in your fertility. Whether you are conceiving naturally  or with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), this guide  will serve as a personal and intimate resource along the way.

Focusing  on the 10 core facets of fertility wellness, The Fertile Secret: Guide  to Living a Fertile Life offers multiple tools to support you on your  journey. While conceiving is the ultimate goal, you will find  revitalized fertility in all aspects of your life as you become more  present, aware, and peaceful. You will embody fertility, in its truest form.