Link to the Pink—Connect with your Pink StarLight(s)

Have you read or heard about the Pink StarLights and want to know more? This enjoyable and uplifting program is the companion workshop to Lynsi’s new book, Waiting in the Wings—Introducing the Pink StarLights. Conducted live by Lynsi herself, the Link to the Pink online workshop provides supplemental material as well as original Pink StarLight hypnosis journeys designed to help you connect with and clear the way for your Pink StarLight(s).

Pink is the color of unconditional love, and it is the energetic frequency of babies, all babies. Babies exude love. The word star conveys brilliance and illumination. Light dispels darkness, fear, despair; it inspires hope, enhances positive energies, and raises vibrational frequencies. Hence, these remarkable spirit babies have chosen the name Pink StarLights.

The focus of this 3-session series is

  • Raising energetic frequencies and aligning with Pink StarLight energies.
  • Support of the “in”fertility initiation.
  • To assist in bringing the shaman’s death full circle.
  • To delve more deeply into several aspects of The Pink StarLight process, including:
    • the balance of intention and surrender.
    • journeys within the journeys.
    • moving energy.
    • and more…
  • To help inspire your own personal link to the pink!

Lynsi has been tuned into spirit babies to various degrees all her life.

She has intuited the fertility methods she uses through a vibrational alignment that allows her to interpret their needs and help them to transition from spirit to body. This experiential workshop is a must-have for persons desiring to align their own energetic frequencies with those of the Pink StarLights.

Sessions will be held on the following days and times:

Dates coming soon

Please note: times and dates are listed in MT (the mountain time zone for the US). To convert the days and times to your time zone, you can go here: (put in Denver for the area to change FROM)

Excerpt from the back cover of
Waiting in the Wings—Introducing the Pink StarLights:

Have you been trying to get pregnant for what seems like forever? Do you feel there is a baby there? Have healers, energy workers, or psychics told you about a little boy or girl who is trying to come through to you? Have you heard that same thing repeatedly since long before you even thought of becoming pregnant?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a reason.
And if you truly feel there is a baby there, it’s likely because there is a baby there.

Do you believe in spirit babies? If so, you are probably familiar with the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. These powerful lightworkers have come in over the past two centuries to facilitate immense healing and planetary transformation. Each group with its own distinct purpose, collectively these extraordinary beings have paved the way for an even brighter infusion of light.

Enter the Pink StarLights.

There is a brand-new generation being born all over the globe—they call themselves the Pink StarLights—and they are unique unto themselves.

You may be keenly aware of the drastic shifts and changes that are occurring on our planet at this time, and you know that things must change—and soon. With peaceful yet unwavering leadership, the Pink StarLights will take the healing of our disjointed and broken world to a new vibrational level.

These little celestials are supreme lightworkers who emit a distinctive energy signature beyond any we have known before now, and their vibrational frequency resonates only with certain human beings. If you are drawn to this book, it is likely that you are a match to the Pink StarLight frequency.