The 3 Keys to Conception – Balancing Biology and Destiny

This 3-session program addresses the often-overlooked biology and destiny connection to infertility.

This 3-session online series helps:

  • To awaken or reawaken inherent fertility.
  • Get you in touch with the spirituality of the fertility/pregnancy/birth experience.
  • Tap into the primal fertile/birthing body.
  • And much more!

Balancing Biology and Destiny is a companion workshop to Lynsi’s book:
The 3 Keys to Conception—Pregnancy Against All Odds.

On each day of the series, we will explore more closely the three sections of the book: Meditate, Listen, Trust, respectively. Lynsi conducts one of her original 3Keys® hypnosis journeys each session, and you have lifetime access to all the hypnosis audios.

Sessions will be held on the following days and times:

***Date coming soon***

Please note: times and dates are listed in MT (the mountain time zone for the US). To convert the days and times to your time zone, you can go here: (put in Denver for the area to change FROM)

Excerpt from the back cover of
The 3 Keys to Conception—Pregnancy Against All Odds:

Who is the Spirit Baby Whisperer?The 3 Keys to Conception: Pregnancy Against All Odds

Over the past decade, grateful parents have affectionately dubbed Lynsi Eastburn the “Spirit Baby whisperer” because of her seemingly uncanny ability to help them to conceive. With the increasing interest in the concept of intuitive comprehension, “whisperer” is becoming the word of choice in describing those who possess extraordinary sensitivity and communication skills that facilitate deep understanding of issues which lead to trust, compassion and gentle healing, where before there was nothing but disquiet, mistrust and anxiety. Lynsi Eastburn is, truly, a Spirit Baby Whisperer as her many grateful clients will attest. She goes beyond the known and commonplace modalities to create a unique atmosphere of love and welcome to all the “spirit babies” seeking their “forever families.”