3Keys® HypnoFertility: The Gold Standard in Fertility Hypnosis

3Keys® HypnoFertility is the only method practiced and endorsed by Lynsi Eastburn, the world-renowned pioneer in the field of fertility hypnosis. Lynsi created this program over two decades ago to help those struggling with infertility to increase their chances for a healthy baby(s), and to realize their dreams of becoming a parent.

Lynsi is the world’s established expert in the field of hypnosis to promote fertility. She began professionally using hypnosis to facilitate pregnancy before anyone else had actively considered or pursued its benefits, when there was no information about it in books, when nothing could be found on the internet. Lynsi went on to create the original 3Keys® HypnoFertility method which she developed based on thousands of clinical hours in her private practice. She then went on to institute the first certification program for hypnotherapists which she has taught worldwide.

Over the past 20+ years, Lynsi has continually reviewed, revised, and updated her unprecedented program to incorporate the most advanced techniques available. In order to ensure access to topnotch fertility hypnosis practitioners for those who need them, Lynsi has spent the past two years refining and upgrading her certification training, and only those trained in her advanced 3Keys® HypnoFertility methods are eligible to be included on the 3Keys® HypnoFertilitist Directory. Further study, practice, and examination is required for final approval.

The skilled professionals listed here are 3Keys® Certified HypnoFertilitists. Each individual has completed extensive advanced training with Lynsi, passed a rigorous exam, and met all necessary criteria required to earn the distinguished 3Keys® designation.


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