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Dealing with infertility struggles is never easy. It can often feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes, you might experience glimmers of hope and happiness while other times might make you feel extremely low and depressed. IVF is often part of the infertility journey for people who have tried other options unsuccessfully. It sometimes works very well, but it doesn’t always guarantee a pregnancy. Additionally, IVF can be time-consuming, and costly, and some women might find it quite invasive. On top of that, when you’re going through IVF, your nerves are likely already on edge and you’re exhausted after everything you’ve been through on your infertility journey. So, it should come as no surprise that many women want IVF to be as effective as possible. But can the addition of hypnosis help with that?


Hypnosis Doesn’t Guarantee a Pregnancy

Hypnosis is becoming a more widely used practice for a variety of conditions. It’s also becoming more popular for women trying to get pregnant, even before going through IVF.  We’ll cover some of the benefits of hypnosis when it comes to both pregnancy and IVF, but it’s important to note that hypnosis itself won’t determine whether your IVF is successful, or if you end up getting pregnant. As with everything, maintaining realistic expectations is essential.  However, that doesn’t mean hypnosis can’t help, and maybe even make the entire process more effective. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so beneficial.


What Results Will You See With Hypnosis?

woman sitting on a bed grasping her legsWhile hypnosis doesn’t necessarily guarantee a more successful IVF process, it can help to shift your mindset. IVF is stressful. As stated above, your nerves might already be on edge from everything you’ve been through. Maybe you’re even starting to feel hopeless and helpless. Hypnosis can change your perspective and help you think about the process in a more positive light. Additionally, hypnosis can reduce your stress levels significantly. When you’re less stressed throughout the IVF procedure, it won’t seem as overwhelming. Hypnosis can put your mind and body into a deeply relaxed state, so you can get through it without wondering. about the “what ifs” that might follow.

Finally, hypnosis can help you release any fear or anxiety you might be feeling. No one can fault you for being a little scared or anxious about the IVF process, especially if it’s a “last resort” as you’ve been dealing with infertility. While that anxiety won’t necessarily hinder the effectiveness of the procedure, letting go of your fear and adopting a sense of tranquility and calm will give you a better outlook on the entire thing.


Can Hypnosis Help With Fertility Issues?

In addition to making the IVF experience more positive and less overwhelming, hypnosis can help in many ways throughout your infertility journey.  For example, it can help both you and your partner feel calmer throughout the entire experience, relaxing your mind and body. That promotes a healthy nervous system and immune system, and can help you feel more in control when everything else might seem like it’s spinning. Again, these helpful benefits won’t necessarily “fix” any fertility issues. However, the calmer and less stressed you are, the more likely it is for certain procedures, including IVF, to be effective. Most importantly, hypnosis can help you to maintain your mental well-being throughout this difficult and long journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about hypnosis for IVF, infertility struggles, or simply as a treatment option to manage stress and anxiety as you go through these issues, feel free to contact me. It’s not uncommon to have questions about what to expect, and I’m happy to help or set up an appointment for you.