Become a Certified 3Keys® HypnoFertilitist

Learn the advanced techniques that will allow you to enhance your practice and/or create your own niche. Addressing natural and medically assisted fertility issues, this course is a must-have, especially for those specializing in birthing and women’s issues.

Private Trainings are also available with Lynsi via telephone/Skype/Zoom.

Please contact the Eastburn Institute for further training information and/or specifics.


Upcoming 3Keys® HypnoFertility Training Dates


3Keys® HypnoFertility is a unique combination of classic hypnosis methods and time-tested fertility-specific advancements designed to facilitate the mind/body/spirit balance essential for successful conception and healthy, full-term pregnancy. 3Keys® is the original HypnoFertility® —it is well-established worldwide and it is the product of Lynsi Eastburn’s decades of work and research.

Take it above and beyond chance!

Don’t miss this power-packed advanced certification training. This eye-opening, time-tested program is bursting with everything you need to address clients’ countless fertility-related issues including physiological diagnoses, mental/emotional blocks, spiritual concerns, fear and stress overload, diminished self-esteem, male factor infertility, multiple miscarriages, natural conception, medical procedures and treatment, pregnancy support, and much more.

The next LIVE training with Lynsi Eastburn is February 4th & March 4th 2023.

Call 303-424-2331 or e-mail [email protected] for more information and registration or click on the link above.


Online Classes will be offered via ZOOM