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Hayley Middleton gave birth to her own two children using the distinctive hypnosis process that is 3Keys® HypnoBirth.  Hayley is its co-creator, having collaborated with Lynsi Eastburn on the expansion of Lynsi’s original HypnoBirth program. A skilled hypnotherapist and passionate birthing specialist, Lynsi invited Hayley to contribute her unique expertise and firsthand knowledge to help establish the most comprehensive birthing hypnosis program ever.


The 3Keys® HypnoBirth method is a precision blend of science and spirit that addresses the entire being—mind, body, and spirit. With that in mind, we help you to tune in to your body and your baby, to remain in harmony with both throughout your labor and birth, and to welcome the birth experience that is just right for the both of you. Each and every birth is unique. Each and every birth is personal. And each and every birth can be peaceful and fulfilling. Birthing is not something you do… it is something that unfolds. The more in tune you are, the better. You and your baby are connected physiologically as well as energetically and we teach you how to make the most of this and create the best possible birth experience.

Our hypnosis-based birthing program consists of 5 sessions designed to thoroughly address everything you need for your fulfilling birth and postpartum success. Online group classes are available, or you may book private online sessions with Hayley. Hypnosis sessions are conducted live (online – in real time) and recorded for your personal convenience—you can listen as often as you like. Group classes are also recorded on video, and you will have lifetime access to your entire 3Keys® HypnoBirth program.

Are You In Search Of Mind-Body Support As You Prepare For The Birth Of Your Baby?

There are so many emotions accompanying the transition into motherhood. Though this is a joyful, exciting time, you may have concerns about how to ensure a peaceful, comfortable birth. Given the natural fears around the potential pain and intensity of labor and delivery, you may be wondering how you can make your birth experience as relaxed and in your control as possible.

The transition into parenthood can be a roller coaster ride—from the moment of conception all the way through the childrearing process. The many changes and transitions involved with pregnancy can cause stress for soon-to-be-parents. Fortunately, the state of hypnosis is the antithesis of stress. By counteracting any learned response to fears about pregnancy and labor and increasing your ability to relax through the process, hypnosis can help you prepare for childbirth with peace and confidence.

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Is Our 3Keys® HypnoBirth Philosophy

Whether this is your first or fifth time giving birth, you may not always know what to expect. And if you’ve developed fearful associations or anxieties about the birthing process, your body can create a learned stress response that creates tension and pain in the mind and body. In turn, this response is likely to impact your emotional state and may even affect your baby’s temperament.

Under duress, it can be difficult to cultivate an environment that’s conducive to a peaceful, harmonious birth. As such, a healthy mindset to prepare for childbirth requires relaxation on a deep level alongside an ability to let go and trust the process. Fortunately, hypnotherapy promotes profound relaxation, giving you an opportunity to let go of any fear-induced resistance as it relates to labor and delivery.

A Tried And True Method

Hypnosis for childbirth is hardly a new concept—it has been used in medical settings for over a century. Not to mention, hypnosis is supportive of all kinds of births, from natural homebirths to medicated births at the hospital to deliveries made via cesarean section. Through the 3Keys® HypnoBirth program, you can prepare yourself for childbirth as you reap the mind and body benefits of hypnosis.\

Working together, we can help you feel more prepared to bring your child into the world.

Hypnosis Allows You To Envision A Healthy, Successful Childbirth

Though many different treatment methods target the body’s stress response, hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to counter fight, flight, or freeze. In fact, hypnosis promotes what’s known as feed and breed or rest and digest, which will ultimately limit the distress, discomfort, and tension you feel during labor and delivery.

In the peaceful state of hypnosis, you can envision and experience a calm atmosphere—free of fear and stress—that will allow your muscles to function as nature intended during childbirth. With the body sufficiently relaxed and engaged, your mind and emotions will follow, aligning your whole being in balance as you prepare to welcome your baby.

The 3Keys® Approach To Hypnotherapy For Labor And Childbirth

Our approach gives you a chance to easily access the exceptional relaxation state that only hypnosis can produce. While conventional hypno-birthing methods tend to address natural (typically unmedicated) vaginal birth, there isn’t much hypnosis support for other forms of childbirth. And many practitioners working with soon-to-be mothers lack formal hypnosis training.

3Keys® HypnoBirth is a five-session program, available in both a group and private format, which is designed to meet your specific needs and customized based on your concerns from session to session. Starting with where you are mentally and assessing if there are any fears or anxieties about childbirth, hypnotherapy will help you foster a healthy atmosphere for labor and delivery.

We take an experienced, client-centered approach to hypnosis for childbirth. Our comprehensive system of pre- and postnatal support facilitates quicker, more comfortable delivery and recovery, eases the transition into parenthood, and promotes bonding through healthy attachments and breastfeeding.

The 3Keys® signature blend of science and spirit addresses the entire self so that you can have a birthing experience that’s relaxed, enjoyable, and in your control. Balancing your mind, body, and spirit will help you feel ready to welcome the child you have been waiting for. Hypnotherapy through 3Keys® has given our clients a chance to embrace—rather than fear—the labor, childbirth, and postnatal transition process, and we are confident it can help you too.

Curious About Hypnosis For Childbirth But Still Have Questions?

I just don’t think hypnosis will be effective.

3Keys® founder Lynsi Eastburn has been working with clients and training clinicians in hypnosis for the past three decades, developing specialties in fertility, childbirth, and the transition into parenthood. Lynsi and our HypnoBirth specialist Hayley Middleton employ clinical skill and spiritual insight that will help you see quick results where other approaches might fall short.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth sounds expensive.

It is ultimately up to you which treatment will resonate with you and what you want to spend your money on, but you’re probably here because you’re curious about if hypnosis will be effective for you.

Hypnosis for childbirth through 3Keys® is a comprehensive hypnotherapy program, available in both a group and private format, designed to specifically prepare your mind, body, and spirit for labor. Unlike other programs, we provide deep hypnosis and recordings of all sessions so that you can continue to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy during the labor and delivery process itself.

I don’t have time for hypnosis.

Because 3Keys® HypnoBirth is structured in five sessions (with an option to self-pace if you’d like), you can feel confident knowing that you won’t be doing hypnosis indefinitely. The process is tailored to meet your unique needs so that you can begin to experience the calming, healing effect of hypnosis immediately.

You Can Overcome Pregnancy-Related Fears

If you’re pregnant and in search of strategies to ease labor, delivery, and the transition into parenthood, hypnosis for childbirth through 3Keys® HypnoBirth can offer the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

We’d love to hear from you. To make an appointment or for more information please call or fill out the form. Help is just a call away.

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