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3Keys® HypnoBirth is as much a philosophy as a process. “Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby” is our utmost priority, and finely tuned hypnosis is the crux of the program.

Contrary to contemporary belief, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor, nor is medication the only way to facilitate effective labor and/or a comfortable birth. Often, it’s simply preconceived notions of childbirth that can instigate strong anxiety about the process. The expectation that labor and birth will be difficult and painful is just as powerful as the fight or flight response caused by a real threat and triggers exactly the same response—guttural fear.

Fear is not conducive to childbirth because it mobilizes all of the body’s energy to parts needed for an escape and redirects it away from those not needed at that moment—the reproductive and digestive systems. So it makes no difference what causes the fear—the issue is the fear and subsequent stress it causes to the reproductive system.

The state of hypnosis is the antithesis of stress.

Holistic Hypnobirthing – Aligning Mind and Body In Perfect Harmony

Hypnosis is the quickest and most effective way to relieve stress, counter the “fight or flight” response (or prevent it altogether), and activate what is sometimes called its antidote—”feed and breed” or “rest and digest.” In this peaceful state, endorphins—your body’s natural anesthesia—replace any stress hormones that can constrict muscles and cause pain.

With mindful hypnobirthing, when your body is relaxed and engaged and your mind and emotions are aligned and in balance, your birthing muscles work in perfect harmony to allow you to experience giving birth in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, free of fear, stress, and tension.

Start Your Birthing Journey with 3Keys® HypnoBirth

3Keys® HypnoBirth is the natural progression of 3Keys® HypnoFertility, the unprecedented program originated by Lynsi Eastburn, the world pioneer of Fertility Hypnosis.

Hayley Middleton gave birth to her own two children using the distinctive hypnosis process that is 3Keys® HypnoBirth. Hayley is this online course’s co-creator in collaboration with Lynsi Eastburn, expanding and updating Lynsi’s original HypnoBirth program.

A skilled hypnotherapist and passionate birthing specialist, Lynsi invited Hayley to contribute her unique expertise and firsthand knowledge to this online class and help establish the most comprehensive hypnobirthing program ever.

Birthing Is Not Something You Do… It’s Something That Unfolds

Each and every birth is unique. Each and every birth is personal. And each and every birth can be peaceful and fulfilling.

You and your baby are connected physiologically and energetically, and you will learn how to make the most of this connection to create the best possible birth experience for both of you. The more in tune you are, the better. During hypnobirth classes, we will teach you to tune into not only your own body but also your baby and to remain in harmony with both throughout your labor and birth.

The 3Keys® HypnoBirth method is a precision blend of science and spirit that addresses the entire being—mind, body, and spirit. And because it is hypnosis-centered, you will learn to easily and rapidly access the exceptional relaxation state that only hypnosis can produce. General relaxation is simply not the same thing and is not sustainable without the all-important hypnosis component.

3Keys® HypnoBirth – Program Outline

Our hypnosis-based birthing program consists of 5 sessions designed to thoroughly address everything you need for your fulfilling birth and postpartum success. Online group hypnobirthing classes are available, or you may book private online sessions with Hayley.

Moreover, with those in mind who may have difficulty with scheduling due to time zone differences, etc., we have a pre-recorded “at your own pace” program available for purchase.

The program consists of five 90-minute segments and includes:

  • Live (online—in real-time) hypnosis sessions that are recorded for your personal convenience (group or private setting)
  • Lifetime access to your entire 3Keys® HypnoBirth program session recordings (you can listen to the course as often as you’d like)
  • A powerful, rapid self-hypnosis technique you can use any time
  • A postpartum segment which includes:
    • Postpartum-specific hypnosis
    • Postpartum preparation and guidance
    • A complimentary self-care guide from our motherhood program

Session #1

Focus: Introduction to 3Keys® HypnoBirth

  • Discovering the solution to easier, more comfortable birthing
  • Learning the basics of hypnosis that are essential to successful hypnobirthing
  • Finding out exactly how the mind influences the body and how you can use this to your advantage
  • A powerful hypnosis experience designed to clear your subconscious mind and free you from limiting beliefs, preconceived notions about birthing, negative thought patterns, emotional imprints, other people’s projections/expectations, and anything else that could potentially set you up for disappointment

Session #2

Focus: Prenatal Bonding

  • You and your baby ARE connected and how that applies to labor and birth
  • Preparing your mind and body for birthing
  • Essential hypnobirth breathing techniques
  • Hypnosis session tying it all together

Session #3

Focus: Your Journey into Motherhood

  • Preparing to welcome your baby
  • Helpful tips for partners
  • Birthing empowerment hypnosis session

Session #4

Focus: Birthing Your Baby

  • Labor signs and signals
  • Calm birthing process
  • HypnoBirth – Birthing your baby hypnosis session

Session #5

Focus: Postpartum

  • How hypnosis can help moms who suffer from the “baby blues” or end up with Postpartum Depression (PPD)
  • Postpartum need-to-knows
  • Comfortable body recovery
  • Sleep support
  • Lactation support
  • Navigating the first weeks as a new mom
  • Postpartum-specific hypnosis session
Work one-on-one with Hayley
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