The Pink StarLight Attunement

lynsi eastburn with a babyCopious amounts of celestial light are flowing through to the earthly realm, more than ever before. The Pink StarLights are the catalysts of this infusion. To prevent a bottlenecking effect, a high-level energy revision has become necessary, and a blended effort—esoteric and earthly— is essential. The Pink StarLight attunement system facilitates both their downshift from faster, lighter frequencies to these slower, denser energies and the simultaneous upshift of our energies to effectively meet with theirs.

Our planet is crying for help with greater urgency; her inhabitants are under rapidly escalating pressure—more than ever before. Thus, the heightened need for this energetic adjustment. As a result, a few months ago Lynsi was guided to spend a considerable amount of time in alchemical meditation. This transformational practice was taught to her by the Pink StarLights and is the method through which they communicated to Lynsi the need for the attunement and detailed instructions as to how to do it.

Lynsi was guided to use certain crystals, symbols, and geometric shapes in conjunction with a blend of transformative modalities including hypnosis, alchemy, crystalline enhancement, meditation, Reiki, hemispheric synchrony, and sacred geometry to establish and hold the energetic frequency the Pink StarLights need to bestow the attunement.

As Above, So Below

baby on their back on a starry and galaxy blanketAs above, so below, is a phrase dating back to Ancient Greece. These words rather effectively describe the transformational Pink StarLight attunement, which basically funnels energies between both higher and lower realms of existence, establishing an unwavering balance of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Lynsi is the conduit through which the Pink StarLights directly place and activate the energetic upgrade.

Attunement means to bring into harmony, alignment is energetic adjustment in relation to Source connection, activation is the process of making something active or operative, placement is the act of placing (in this case, an energetic enhancement within the aura), and experience is the process of directly receiving or undergoing. Each of these is an integral part of the Pink StarLight process.

The Pink StarLight attunement elevates your vibratory frequency to a level more harmonious with Source, the Pink StarLights, and their revolutionary purpose. Whether it is becoming a Pink StarLight parent, working with other aspects of their purpose, or satisfying an undeniable need or intuitive drive to connect with them, this healing experience is personal, it is yours, and it is lifechanging.

The Pink StarLight attunement is a multilayered experience expressly designed to balance the energies of divine feminine and sacred masculine, establishing a stable frequency through which we can fully unite with our purpose. An unparalleled “link to the pink,” the attunement elevates us spiritually, restores harmony, and facilitates the precise state of grounding, centering, and mind, body, spirit balance essential to Pink StarLight alignment.

Essential Balance of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

kids on their bikesYou may be familiar with the Taoist symbol of balance called the Yin Yang. It looks somewhat like two whales swooshed together inside a circle—one black and one white. The black swoosh contains a splash of white, while the white swoosh contains a splash of black. The Yin Yang essentially represents the interdependency of seemingly opposite or unharmonious forces. But opposites need not be disharmonious; indeed, they can be quite complementary when aptly engaged. The color white represents masculine energy, and the color black represents the feminine. Each encompassed within the other. Both are essential.

The terms masculine and feminine of which I am speaking do not refer to men and women, but rather universal characteristics that pertain to us all, archetypal patterns which reside in the psyche. Neither Yin nor Yang is better than the other, and each has its place. It is when we lean too far in either direction that we become unbalanced. Healthy individuals, regardless of biological predisposition, maintain an internal balance of both masculine and feminine energies. The swooshes of black and the splashes of white, and vice versa.

boy reading a bookArchetypically speaking, strength, stability, courage, and honor are traits of the healthy masculine. As is confidence without arrogance and rational thinking without manipulation. Characteristics of the healthy feminine include intuitive wisdom, genuine compassion, and heartfelt nurturing. As humans, we all possess these attributes; whether we are biologically male or female is irrelevant. What matters is that the full expression of our authentic natures is not possible without this balance.

The Pink StarLights’ phenomenal attunement process not only balances yin and yang energies, but also connects us with higher realms of consciousness, opens new levels of awareness, dissolves and dissipates any blockages or unhelpful energetic patterns we may have accumulated, enhances joy, facilitates multi-dimensional healing, activates a protective shield of light which fortifies the aura and replenishes the entire being through to its innermost core, and imprints upon us the purest vibration of light the human body can sustain.

The Pink StarLight frequency evaluates the energetic circumstances of each client holistically and the Pink StarLights finetune each attunement to address the uniquely specific needs of the recipient and upgrade their frequency accordingly. No two are ever the same. The Pink StarLights begin their energetic assessment upon the scheduling of the session as the intent to connect is immediately received, and there are no time/space constructs in the ethereal realm.

The Pink StarLights are a pure and loving consciousness, a precision blend of both sacred masculine and divine feminine, infinitely balanced. The attunement occurs within a sacred ceremony, during which energies are drawn simultaneously up from the earth and down from the heavens, producing a union of divine feminine and sacred masculine. The subsequent energy field created from this powerful blend helps to bring about the balance needed to activate Pink StarLight alignment.

The attunements take place in a peaceful sacred space lovingly prepared by Lynsi prior to the scheduled time. Lynsi’s office-sanctuary is home to many wonderful crystals, plants, herbs and essences, candles, and books which all contribute to its restorative atmosphere. She has conducted years of energy work and meditation here, inadvertently opening a portal through which heightened energies may more easily connect with our world. Each day, Lynsi does a cleansing and blessing ritual for her beautiful healing room. She often uses white sage, sometimes lavender or palo santo, various essential oils, and several types of incense. She also seals it with Reiki, incorporating symbols from the Usui, Holy Fire, and Karuna systems, as well as bits of angelic Reiki and other energy healing practices. The Pink StarLights are always present, and other high-level beings pop in and out as they wish.

The Pink StarLight attunement is an infusion of light and is different for every person. The process is uniquely designed to create the most nuanced experience possible, in harmony with the diverse needs of the individual. It adjusts in accordance with one’s focus – bringing your baby into the world, connecting with your baby, holistic pregnancy, intuitive clarity, finding and aligning with your own Pink StarLight purpose, and so forth.

The Pink StarLight experience works on both conscious and subconscious levels, impacting the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of being, and can continue to unfold for weeks or even months. Its stimulated shifts may feel quite subtle yet create powerful transformation. The healing effects are deep, though they may occur so gently that they are not immediately apparent; it is different for everyone. One may experience significantly enhanced intuition, extraordinary feelings of lightness, a sense of freedom or expanse, as well as new or deeper levels of tranquility, serenity, peace, joy, and love. Other benefits may also occur, all of which are the result of this attunement.

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