Dr. Elizabeth Bonet welcomed Lynsi as a guest on her podcast, Hypnotize Me. Dr. Bonet wrote, “Having struggled with secondary infertility myself before having my second child, this episode affected me deeply. It’s clear how much Lynsi cares about helping women balance their bodies, hearts, and minds to welcome a baby into their life.”

In this episode, they discuss:

    • Hypnosis for Fertility & the HypnoFertility method
    • Common factors that can affect Fertility and Infertility
    • How fertility gets competitive and what to do about it
    • How to create the space to welcome a baby into your body
    • How Hypnosis helps resolve spiritual conflicts in terms of having a baby and IVF
    • Why moms are having babies later in life and having to go through the struggle of IVF
    • How Lynsi developed her method and the trainings she runs for hypnotherapists