I Can’t Relax—Will Hypnosis Work for Me?

by Rachel Cook

You might be wondering if hypnosis will work for you… after all, you’re one of those people who can’t relax. Maybe you’ve tried meditation, and it just makes you crazy because you cannot stop the thoughts. Here’s the good news… hypnosis doesn’t require you to relax. If you’ve ever seen a stage hypnosis show, the participants are often anything but relaxed, and yet, they’re hypnotized. High-performing athletes often enter a state of hypnotic trance during competition, yet they’re not relaxed—they are, in fact, very active!

During the hypnosis session, you could be sitting there with your mind wandering here and there, going over your grocery list, thinking about the movie you watched last night, or what you’ll do after the session. You could be hearing every word I say and wondering if anything is happening, and still the hypnosis is effective. How is that possible?

In hypnosis, we’re focused on your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind could be paying attention, wandering off, or whatever… it really doesn’t matter, because we’re focused on the subconscious. There’s no way you can “do it wrong”.

calm manIt’s good to know that while hypnosis doesn’t require you to relax, relaxation is often a byproduct of hypnosis. Hypnosis not only helps you relax in the moment, but it teaches you to relax more easily, naturally, and regularly. So, if you’re someone who truly can’t relax, hypnosis is the ticket to learning how.

The other thing that’s good to know is that there are many ways to do hypnosis. So, when we work with you, we calibrate the sessions to fit your specific needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, where what works best for one person is what works best for another. It’s a process of discovery—what works best for you? Each session is attuned to your needs in the moment. I may have a sense of what your session will look like before we start, but then after talking to you, decide on something completely different.

It’s also important to know that hypnosis is a natural state, one you go into all the time without even knowing it. Therapeutic hypnosis is where I guide you into that natural state and use it to help you achieve your goals. Since hypnosis is such a natural state, you can be in a hypnotic state without even knowing it. In fact, you may be in hypnosis right now without even realizing it.

Because of the way hypnosis has been portrayed in movies and television, people think it must feel strange. When it doesn’t, they may come out of the session wondering if they were really hypnotized. Don’t get caught up in the way you think hypnosis is supposed to feel. Just sit back and follow a few very simple instructions. If you can follow instructions, you can benefit from hypnosis. If you have the ability to follow simple instructions, and a true desire to have change occur, hypnosis can be extremely effective for you. Really, you got this! 

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