If you are doing IVF, you are no doubt aware that it is costly, and we want to help you get the best possible outcome. To not only get pregnant but to stay pregnant. Whether you are receiving medical treatments or conceiving naturally, this program is designed to support all aspects of your fertility journey, including your healthy pregnancy—especially that all-important first trimester.

Our primary conception program consists of 12 sessions. For natural conception, we typically schedule your appointments biweekly, though that can be adjusted depending upon your individual needs. The first two sessions are scheduled a week apart to establish your initial momentum; subsequent sessions may then be scheduled one at a time or you may book all of them in advance if you prefer.

For patients undergoing IVF and/or other conventional medical assistance, the timeline is adapted to your personal medical care schedule. Typically, sessions are scheduled between your initial workup and your first trimester; but we also recognize the need for flexibility. Ideally, with IVF, we like to get three sessions in prior to retrieval, another between retrieval and transfer, and usually clients like to come in during that dreaded “two-week” wait. Ultimately, we start from where you are and proceed accordingly.

In either case, we do an initial assessment to determine your exact needs and tailor the program specifically to you. We listen to your personal story which helps us discern your objective and subjective experiences so that we may begin to determine if and where you might be stuck or blocked. We also consider your intuition, which may be clouded, or even feel as though it has vanished, and help restore its natural capacity.

We look for indications of potential subconscious interference or neural pathway issues that may be impeding your fertility progress. For example, jealousy or even anger triggered by seeing a baby or pregnant woman, hearing an announcement that yet another friend is pregnant, being invited to the third baby shower in as many weeks… can be frustrating to endure and not easy to stop on your own.

Throughout the program, therapeutic hypnosis techniques are used to help with subconscious exploration and to connect with your authentic self. This self is sometimes called the “higher” self because it remains ever connected to your inner strength and knowing and is not subject to life’s daily demands, fear, self-deprecation, or illusions of control.

We conduct a brief reassessment at the beginning of each subsequent appointment. We review any insights or experiences you’ve had since our last meeting and, if applicable, incorporate them into your hypnosis. We pay attention to your input so that we can design each session to fit your precise—and most current—circumstances.

We also record your 3 Keys® HypnoFertility sessions so that you can listen as many times as you desire. You don’t have to, of course. However, repeated listening does reinforce the benefits of the hypnotherapeutic state. Due to the extreme emotional distress many of our clients are facing, we have found that most people like to listen often. Many use their recordings during acupuncture appointments, for a midday break, at bedtime, and those who travel a lot for business like to use them during flight time.