Waiting in the Wings

Article published in Spiritual Biz Magazine.


For over 20 years, author and board-certified hypnotherapist, Lynsi Eastburn, (MA, BCH) has been helping people globally in their pre-pregnancy and pregnancy journeys. Lynsi is the founder and creator of HypnoFertility, and owns her own private practice and training facility, HypnoFertility International. Through her work in hypnosis, Lynsi helps bring balance to the spiritual and physical worlds and guides babies to their mothers. HypnoFertility is an innovative program created to help those struggling with infertility. Doctors and fertility clinics worldwide support her program, including Dr. William Kiltz and Dr. Maribelle Verdialez from CNY Fertility, Dr. Mark Bush from Conceptions Reproductive Associates, and Dr. Dorothee Struck from Precious Pregnancies – Germany. In 2003, Lynsi expanded her practice and began to train others in her methods. Thus was the creation of 3Keys® HypnoFertility training. Lynsi has been featured nationally on Lifetime Television Network, ABC and CBS News, on national and international radio programs including KOSI After Dark and has been a guest on Toronto’s Breakfast Television and Canada’s @Home morning show. Her latest book, Waiting in the Wings: Introducing the Pink StarLights, shares the journey of unborn babies looking for their mothers, and the revision edition is set to be released on May 24, 2022. Find Lynsi on hypnofertility.com.


Below is an extract from Lynsi’s book, Waiting in the Wings—Introducing the Pink StarLights. Native American prophecy tells of a new tribe of people who “when the earth is ravaged, and the animals are dying…” will arrive to “make the earth green again.” It is time. In this revolutionary book, spirit baby matriarch Lynsi Eastburn shares the illuminating messages of this brand-new generation of light beings. Infertility has reached epidemic proportions. Included are original Pink StarLight meditations to help you connect with your baby.


Waiting in the Wings – Introducing the Pink StarLights


“When the Earth is ravaged, and the animals are dying… a new tribe of

people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and

who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again.”

—Native American Prophecy


“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by

pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.”

—Sai Baba

Countless spiritual teachers have explored the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, each contributing to the pool of knowledge we now have to draw from. For decades, these special children have been perceived by healers and intuitives in various ways, and each cohort has been attributed its own color. The Indigos, for example, are named for their indigo-colored auras. The Crystals have clear auras (crystal clear), which also adapt to whatever colors they are relating to at any given time. The Rainbows, as we might expect, display an array of colors like the rainbow.

It is well-accepted within spiritual circles that our planet is undergoing a massive transformation and as such, will receive a great infusion of high-level energies. Babies. More—and different—than ever before. The Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows, each with a purpose of their own, have arrived in the Earth realm in turn, occasionally converging, ready to share their unique gifts and lessons. The Pink StarLights are the next wave, their arrival marks yet another era, and the addition of their signature frequency completes a sacred geometrical pattern originally initiated by the Indigos. 

I never thought that much about the spirit babies I work with, in that to me their high-level vibrations are an everyday occurrence. Over time, however, I did begin to notice an increasingly pink frequency in many of the babies coming through to me. Pink is the color of unconditional love, babies are the epitome of unconditional love, so that would make sense from a logical standpoint. But it is even more striking from the spiritual view, especially when you consider the benefits of the colors contributed by the Pink StarLight predecessors, and our current desperate need for heart-center healing, balance, and love. 

Love conquers all, or so it is said. The Pink StarLights’ mission is to help heal our planet which is currently inundated by volatility and hatred. Love would be the natural antidote. The 5 o’clock world (I use this term to describe mundane, material, unaware, everyday life as opposed to the ethereal, awakened, or spiritual essence which is the focus of this book) has attempted countless times to overcome or disassemble—through logic, reason, intelligence—the ever-widening chasm between love and hate. But left-brain tactics however well-intentioned are clearly not enough, and hate is rooted deeply. Our world, our species, ever-increasingly narcissistic, is in dire need of unconditional love.

Narcissistic. The word has become well-established in the vernacular over the past couple of years, and with good reason. But also, looking back decades, an escalating narcissism—people caring less and less about others, and more about themselves—is apparent. Stuff is more important than people. Greed has become the god of the Western culture—more, more, more. It has always been this way to some extent. Someone constantly trying to acquire something—or someone—else. But, with our ever-expanding, far-reaching technology this has sped up exponentially, and eventually there will be nothing left. Instant gratification is a must. We want it, we must have it. Whatever the cost. 

At the rate we are going we will decimate the world’s resources. At one time the Earth Mother could at least keep up with us. Nature could always balance. She is striking out fiercely now, she is fighting for her life. And our lives. Because once we have used up everything on the planet, once we have contaminated all the food and water, once we have killed off the animals, the plants, and trees… there will be nothing to sustain anyone. And it will not matter if you are in the “top one percent.” You cannot eat money. You cannot breathe stuff.

Money is not evil. Nor is being rich or wealthy. Wealth shaming is no better than poverty-shaming, body-shaming, gender-shaming, or any other shaming. Greed is the obvious problem. Just as troublesome, however, is envy. Perhaps not as evident, but certainly more prevalent, particularly in a society of insatiable want. When there is never enough, there will never be enough. 

Humans are social creatures, and in order to survive, we must work together. Community is archetypal, and it is biological. In the words of literary genius Herman Melville, “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. “Community underpinnings are what currently allow for the illusion of individualism that has usurped the Western world. At one time it was more obvious that people were working together (it takes a village to raise a child, neighbor helping neighbor)—they had to. Without participation, communication, and cooperation we could not have survived this long. It is no different now, it is just less visible. 

The development of technology has created a bit of a black hole (or perhaps black whole would be a better term). We are so far removed from the inner workings of society that we don’t have to give them much thought; but that doesn’t make them any less essential. I am all for individualism in that I have no desire to be just part of the herd or to follow anyone or anything blindly. I am self-motivated and self-contained, and I am quite content to be alone a great deal of the time. But I still need my car serviced, stores to buy clothing and shoes from, someone to keep my computer up and running… I could not have built my own house, nor do I have the desire to grow and harvest all my own food. (If I were a meat eater, I would definitely not want to slaughter my dinner.) So, what I really need—what we all really need—is, as always, balance: to be freethinking and community-minded. 

The past few years has seen a resurgence of dystopian novels such as Brave New WorldThe Handmaid’s Tale, and 1984. Societies featured in these books are more than frightening, and in no way desirable, yet in some ways they are more functional than the self-centered climate we are experiencing now. In Brave New World, for example, no one was eliminated. Yes, people were lumped into categories and bred accordingly, but even though the Alphas were the higherups and the Epsilons were the lowest standing, ultimately, we find a caste system that recognizes that society will not, cannot, function without everyone and every level. Even the “savages” had their place. 

To be human is to be community. A gaggle of narcissists is a community of its own, technically, but it is an incomplete one. And it will never work by itself. Human beings are pack animals, animals that live and hunt in packs such as wolves, dogs, lions, and dolphins. Every pack has a hierarchy, and it will always assert itself. Someone must lead, and the others must follow. 

There are hierarchies within hierarchies in every society. Always the microcosm within the macrocosm. For example, in American society the top one percent (the small percentage who hold the bulk of the country’s wealth) heads the economical hierarchy; the upper class, in turn, outrank the middle class; the middle class then outranks the lower class, and so forth. Whereas the top one percent may rule this particular hierarchy, if they somehow do away with the rest of us (which is not impossible given the pandemic of greed many of them are facilitating), the only hierarchy they will have left will be within their own community/group/pack. With no one else to reign over, their group will naturally reorganize within itself, positioning each person in descending order. The weakest billionaire will become the lowliest pack member, and the others will fall somewhere between that and the one who becomes the leader. If it comes to this, a few hundred billionaires will subsist in a new caste—with the poorest billionaires forced to serve the rest. 

The only way to implement a balanced state of community is to eliminate power corruption, but that does not seem to be possible. It seems that no matter how sincere someone is, once they finally attain the position they need to have any influence they succumb to power seduction. Or they become jaded by the seemingly insurmountable task of truly effecting change. The ideals and intentions of the young to change the world dissolve in the glaring realities of bureaucracy and red tape. Realization that nothing is black and white, and nothing is fair, is beyond discouraging. 

What hope do we have? How can we ever overcome what appears to be a dismal and choice-less fate? The left brain cannot do it. We cannot force change no matter how much logic or intelligence we employ. We can only create change from a higher vibration. We need to fill the places of those in authority with those who are immune to power corruption. People whose constitution is pure love, and who can keep the focus. Intelligent, creative, thoughtful, inclusive-minded people. People to whom the greater good is what matters.

If we look at Native American culture, or other tribal societies, we can see an excellent depiction of what we need to create, not only to survive, but to flourish. A balanced community. There is a hierarchy of course, structure and ceremony, leaders and followers, but like any high-functioning pack every individual has a place, every single one matters. The Native Americans revere their elders. They put resources and energy into raising their children. The children belong to everyone. Men and women are respected for their contributions to the group, mentally ill people are recognized as seers or psychics or healers, LGBTQ+ people are accepted and appreciated as part of creation, often elevated in status as gods. 

Native American and similar communities work because they recognize the spiritual as equal (at the very least) to the material. They know that spiritual food is as nourishing as ordinary food, and that both are essential for the overall health of the body, the being. The Native Americans emphasize gratitude in all they do. They honor and appreciate not only human people in their societies, but animals, plants, “tree people,” and “stone people.” This type of culture incorporates left and right brain principles into all they do: hunting and fishing, problem-solving, relationships, ceremony, everyday life. As such, they emit a higher frequency and have greater access to what lies beyond the veil than the average human being. Most if not all tribal cultures (presently, those yet unmarred by the ways of the West) walk between the worlds. They think outside the proverbial box, they imagine and create, they receive ideas and thoughts, they are at peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky, and they are always aligned with Great Spirit. They listen, and they hear; they look, and they see. They are balanced, they are lightworkers, and they never forget that though they may be in this world, they are not of it. Hence, their many prophecies which now are coming to pass. 

I am a lightworker. I came through as an Indigo—though I was not aware of it consciously, even as I carefully tended my path. Indigo energy pursued my awareness for decades, yet I couldn’t quite place it. I knew it was there, I just didn’t know it had a name. Then, in 2009, I fully realized, and completely embraced, my Indigo status. My path apparently is to, through multiple methods, help facilitate the expansion of light that is coming through to heal the Earth. Our mother. Earth. 

Pink is the color of unconditional love. Babies have always emanated pink, but it is a pink of great esteem that must manifest now to heal our planet. It is pink-infused light that spills brilliantly upon us and guides us forth. I know I am a lightworker tasked with fruition of pink. As are you, Pink StarLight parents. Your baby is coming to you in just the right time and in just the right way… Awash in color and now pouring through—enter the Pink StarLights.