Mary J.
Denver, CO

“What I like most about HypnoFertility® is Lynsi’s treatment of the whole individual. She provides more than just fertility support; she gets me in touch with my spirit and connection to the divine. She teaches transformational skills that apply to all areas of life, beyond conception alone.”

Detroit, MI

“I have been on the infertility journey for 6 years. After five IVF cycles I was left with one normal 3-day embryo ready for transfer. I knew this was our final IVF cycle, which only added to our anxiety. I am an engineer, an analytical type, with a type A personality. I knew that I had selected the best doctors and had a normal embryo. Now I needed to make sure I was not interfering by over-thinking everything. I had heard of doing hypnosis during infertility treatments, and after some research learned of Lynsi Eastburn. After a call to her office, I arranged several sessions, or what I like to call “meetings” – one in person, in Colorado, and the rest via telephone (because I lived out of state). For the telephone meetings Lynsi provided hypnosis recordings that I listened to every evening. Our meetings were excellent, and I really felt that she provided customized hypnosis that really spoke to me, both my situation and my concerns. One of the things that I think made the biggest difference in preparing myself mentally for the frozen embryo transfer was doing hypnosis with Lynsi. I was a wreck after our “zero normals” result in November. I was sobbing and breaking down at anything. I was in terrible shape. Considering where I was mentally, I think my change in attitude made all the difference. Some women can do it themselves, but I needed outside intervention and Lynsi provided it. The hypnosis really helped me put my feet on the ground. I felt at peace with the outcome and I NEVER felt that before. After the transfer I really took it easy, and continued listening to the hypnosis recordings Lynsi did for me. After years of heartbreak and disappointment, my husband and I are in a place filled with hope and joy. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and truly believe this was only possible with the help of Lynsi.”

Portland, OR

“My wife and I had been through so much when we came to Lynsi Eastburn. She helped us heal the past and believe we could have a healthy baby. Now we have our healthy 11-month-old boy and we could not have had such an experience without you. You helped bring the ease back to our relationship as well. Can’t thank you enough.”

Denver, CO

“Lynsi, I wanted to thank you for all of the support and guidance you’ve given me throughout this journey. No matter what my worries were, you had the right words and tools to help me through! I know that you were a big part of us making it to 12 weeks pregnant! You have my highest recommendation!! Thank you! Update: Good evening! I hope you are doing well! I am having a fantastic pregnancy! I have had limited nausea and have my 2nd trimester burst of energy :). We found out we are having a boy! I am loving every single moment and I know now that everything has happened in the order and time it was supposed to . . . just as you said. Thank you again for everything!”

*We have a new announcement on our baby wall from Leslie, her husband, and her little boy… They have now welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family!

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“When I first met Lynsi, my husband and I had been struggling for 3 years with infertility. After 3 failed IVFs, I came to a realization: while doctors played an important role in providing the technical means to get pregnant, they were not getting me any closer to my dream, nor were they giving me hope that another cycle would work. That’s when I discovered the healing power of complementary therapists like Lynsi. These special individuals not only were truly effective at bringing me closer to my dream (for example, by significantly lowering my FSH and reversing my biological clock in a way that doctors could not—yes, it CAN be done!) but also tended to my heart and mind. While doctors addressed my medical requirements, these people truly listened to me, looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘Yes you can have a baby.’ That gave me hope. Lynsi is just such a special person. She helped me to feel confident during an otherwise uncertain time. She helped me to counter negative programming and to conceive that not only was having a baby possible, it was inevitable. If you believe that reducing your anxiety can improve your likelihood of success, Lynsi can help you. Beyond that if you believe that what you conceive of internally can be manifested physically, or that connecting with your child can help bring your child to you, Lynsi can help you. I once heard Lynsi say that she feels that anyone who truly wants a baby should have one. I believe Lynsi has a gift that goes beyond medical science—an ability to bring children together with the parents who desire them. And whenever I hold my precious son in my arms, I feel grateful for this gift, and for Lynsi’s help along my way.”

Portland, OR

“After several pregnancy losses, turning 40, and 2 reproductive endocrinologists, the list goes on . . . I finally let go and decided to see Lynsi Eastburn. I am a hypnotherapist but knew I needed to go to the best one I could find. I was so impressed with Lynsi that I decided to fly to Denver to see her privately, and also take her HypnoFertility® training. I had two private sessions before the weekend training, then came home and one week later found out I was pregnant! It took me 5 years to get here but just one life-changing weekend with Lynsi. I will forever remember her care and support. There is a reason why people need to specialize and so I have modeled her approach and now have the honor of helping other women and men who struggle with fertility issues. My son is the calmest and easy-going boy you could ever meet. This is a typical hypno-baby. My husband and I are grateful to Lynsi forever. We love you Lynsi, and our boy is the greatest match for us. Thank you!!!”

*Update: Clare’s baby girl arrived 2 years later!

Denver, CO

“I had tried everything under the sun to conceive a child including acupuncture, diet changes, putting my legs up the wall after sex, IUIs, IVFs, surgeries for endometriosis, and none of it worked. Furthermore, no one could give me a really good reason why I couldn’t get pregnant. I was despondent, depressed, but desperate to have the child my husband and I had wanted for so long. By the time I arrived in Lynsi’s office, I had been trying to have a baby for 3 ½ years. In those 3 ½ years, I’d had one miscarriage from a spontaneous pregnancy and a miscarriage from an IVF. I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying HypnoFertility—it felt like a last resort, but the worst that could happen was it wouldn’t work. I walked into Lynsi’s office and told her “I am doing a frozen embryo transfer in a month and I do not want you to tell me to wait!” Lynsi didn’t even blink an eye at my abrupt statement, she just said “OK—let’s work with that.” I think it was the first time in 3 ½ years that doctors, acupuncturists and therapists hadn’t dictated a timeframe to me—I already liked that. I went once a week to Lynsi prior to embryo transfer and once a week through the transfer process. I realized the pervasive message I’d received was that my body was broken and I couldn’t get pregnant. And frankly, my subconscious believed it as well. Lynsi and I worked through changing that belief and throughout the process my mantra was “Things are happening exactly the way they should.” This helped relieve the anxiety of going through assisted reproductive technologies. And sure enough, two weeks later, the doctor called with the news that I was pregnant! I was terrified of miscarriage and I saw Lynsi throughout my whole pregnancy to relieve the miscarriage anxiety. On August 4, 2010, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Francesca Marie. But our story doesn’t end there. The benefits of my work with Lynsi continued on when I discovered I was pregnant naturally with baby #2 just 6 months after Francesca was born! Something mentally had shifted in me after doing HypnoFertility ®, and I never doubted that I could get pregnant with #2. Thanks to Lynsi’s work with me, I feel hopeful and fearless in this pregnancy. And I sit here now due with a baby boy in November 2011 and feel eternally grateful for the work Lynsi and I did together. She helped change my thought patterns, my view of my body, and gave me the confidence to be an advocate in my fertility. Although the initial goal of hypnosis was to get pregnant, I found that I gained much more in terms of managing my anxiety, having new hope, and finding purpose again in my life after struggling with my fertility so long. There will never be enough good things to say about the benefits of working with Lynsi!

Denver, CO

“Hi Lynsi, I’ve been meaning to contact you and let you know that our baby Adrian is here and it’s been 6 months now. I wanted to thank you for the hypnosis and your help in our journey to bring him here. So he’s here and healthy as can be and that’s all that matters. We’re absolutely crazy about him. Thanks again for your help and support!!”

Lakewood, CO

“Hey Lynsi, just wanted to formally announce: it’s a boy!!! And to say thanks for your help, I was so worried when the contractions started at only 27 weeks but the work we did together kept the baby in till 37 weeks, 4 days, and that was even better than what the doctors were hoping for. I know you work mostly with fertility, but you were a godsend to us in keeping our baby from being born too early. Now he has the best start to life, and I highly recommend your services. Thanks again, Lynsi!”

Calgary, AB

“Over the past three years, my husband and I have been trying to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. During this time we had 2 miscarriages. After the last miscarriage and then a year of not being able to conceive, we went to see a fertility specialist who then told us that because of my age (40 at the time) and other factors, our chances of being able to conceive a child on our own were slim to none. I chose to have hope and took matters into my own hands, so I made plans to move forward and not give up despite the dismal outlook from the health care professionals. I had a strong maternal sense for the longest time that there was a baby there for my husband and me. I began exploring other options and decided to create a team of alternative healthcare professionals that would support us in our goal. It was at this time that I had a vivid dream in which I felt the presence of the child I wanted. In this dream, I gave birth to a baby on Grey Cup Sunday (The Canadian version of Superbowl). I was lead to HypnoFertility ® and soon began working with Lynsi via Skype. She was very approachable and sincere. She believed in my intuition and told me that my sense of our baby mattered more than anything. I really enjoyed our sessions together and followed the hypnosis recordings daily. With Lynsi’s help we were able to clear a lot of blocks and issues limiting my ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. Within 3 months I became pregnant naturally without any medical intervention. I was overjoyed—now after 3 long years this baby I knew was meant for our family was finally on its way! Aside from the few ups and downs the pregnancy went well. Towards the end Lynsi assisted me once again with hypnobirthing. Her insight and ability to put together exactly what is needed for each session was remarkable. I always felt that I was in good hands. As it turned out, our baby girl Adrianna Grace was born Grey Cup Sunday, November 28th, 2011 exactly as I had dreamed! It was truly thanks to the grace of God, bringing together the gifts and talents of special people like Lynsi to make it all happen for us. Thank you so much, Lynsi, for making such a profound difference and for the way you touched our lives, inspiring hope for us as well as so many others!”

Denver, CO

“I knew Lynsi from taking her self-hypnosis class through Colorado Free University. When I became pregnant and wanted to try for an unmedicated birth, I knew I was going to need all the “tools” I could gather. I was an anxious mom-to-be. So, I not only wanted to use hypnosis to help with the delivery, I wanted something to help me relax, sleep better, and deal with the physical and emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. I met with Lynsi for several sessions. I always left her office feeling so optimistic, so recharged and validated. There is a lot of negativity out there for pregnant women, especially if you have any kind of medical issue or are in a high-risk category. Lynsi was this wonderful voice of reason and comfort each time we met. The sessions were as much counseling as hypnosis because I needed that boost in morale. When the big day came and I went into labor, I used all of the skills Lynsi had taught me. I heard her voice of encouragement as I rode the waves of contractions and worked to keep myself calm but focused. Though modern medicine jumped in and I ended up with a c-section, the comfort and strength my sessions with Lynsi gave me were priceless.”

Austin, TX

“I was 43 years old and struggling with secondary infertility. I already had a beautiful 2-year-old daughter, but I just couldn’t conceive again. The doctors were talking about “advanced maternal age” and suggesting I go with donor eggs. But I just couldn’t. I knew there was a baby there (just like it says in Lynsi’s book!) and I needed to explore that possibility. People are often unkind to women with secondary infertility. They figure we should be happy we have one child and just leave it alone. But I just can’t convey how painful it is to have only one baby who may never have any siblings; to be unable to choose when your family is complete. I tried everything: acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic, yoga, change in diet, etc. But nothing was working and I kept beating myself up. My acupuncturist gave me a copy of It’s Conceivable!, and I resonated with it right away. I just knew I had to get in touch with Lynsi and I called her office right away. I was thrilled to learn that she took clients by telephone and Skype as well as in person. I was able to get started within about a week and Lynsi and I worked through 3 ovulation cycles. I continued my acupuncture, herbs, yoga, and diet and I was pleased that Lynsi said the hypnosis would complement the other work I was doing, including medical treatment if I chose to have it. Lynsi said she and the other practitioners were my support team and I did feel very supported and grateful. By the 11th session I was naturally pregnant! I continued with my support team on what Lynsi calls an “as needed” basis, and in March 2009 gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Emily Anne! The hypnosis helped make the birth a comfortable and joyful process as well. I had a natural birth and was up and around quickly. Lynsi, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t believe this could have happened without you.”

Aurora, CO

“I was a bit of a hysterical mess when I went in to see Lynsi Eastburn. I was 42 years old, and the doctors had given me less than 1% chance of conception and practically ordered me to do donor eggs. I was stunned. This was not what I’d expected to hear that day in the doctor’s office. I did NOT wish to do donor eggs and I told Lynsi so. She honored my wishes and told me we would start from where I was. We worked on getting me into a state of mind/body/spirit balance where, she explained, I could make any decisions I needed to make regarding my fertility. I honestly felt like I was about to crack from everything I’d been through with the doctors, but Lynsi handled my fragile emotions gently and considerately. I believe it was the sense of safety I experienced in her office that helped me keep it together. After about 3 sessions I realized that I had made a decision—that I wanted to do donor eggs! It just came up from the depths of my subconscious which was now a much calmer and friendlier place to be. I was in balance: mind/body/spirit. I was amazed to find out that not only did I want to do donor eggs but that I was excited about the process! My husband and I picked a donor, and within a few months we were on our way! We ended up with 2 embryos and transferred both of them. We were nervous that there were only two but Lynsi reminded us that everything is as it should be and sure enough, we ended up with twins! At the age of 43 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and boy via c-section. And thanks to the hypnosis we continued throughout the pregnancy my c-section was a breeze and my recovery rapid. I’d just like to say that no matter what kind of turmoil you are in around your fertility, there is hope and there is help! Lynsi really gets it and she can help you bring your baby(s) into this world ‘in just the right time and in just the right way’ as she always says. Good luck!”

Castle Rock, CO

“Trying to conceive was one of the hardest times of my life. Once my husband and I were ready to start a family in our early 30s, we tried for 6 months without success. I then went in for an evaluation to get some reassurance that everything was alright, but instead, I got the most devastating news of my life. I was told I would be unable to get pregnant naturally due to a low ovarian reserve and limited time of fertility left. It was recommended to start fertility treatments right away. At first, I was hopeful that fertility treatments would help me to get pregnant, but after 3 failed intrauterine inseminations, depression and the feeling that I would never get pregnant set in. The next step was to have IVF. Before the IVF, I knew that I needed to put myself in a better place or all of the stress that I was feeling would not be beneficial. I saw Lynsi for only one visit before my first IVF round, and even with only one visit, I could already feel a sense of hope beginning to come back. However, all of this was again dashed after my IVF round was canceled due to a poor response. After this happened, I again went into a feeling of hopelessness but knew how important it was to continue to see Lynsi to help decrease my stress. Each session with Lynsi was a wonderful experience. I always left feeling a sense of peace and hope. I also began to listen to her recordings at home, which helped to reinforce her teachings. I was preparing to start my 2nd round of IVF when I got a great surprise, I was pregnant! After being told I would never get pregnant naturally, I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant without any fertility treatments and would be able to start the family I had longed for. Looking back, I know that I could have not done this without Lynsi’s help. I noticed a change in myself over the short 3 months that I was seeing her, and really feel that this led to a natural pregnancy. Thank you Lynsi for all of your help, I will always be grateful.”


“I wanted to make sure to tell you that Hypnobirthing was so helpful! Everyone at the hospital complimented me on how calm I was during my unmedicated birth and I attribute that all to the work I’ve done with you!” 


‘Hayley, I’m fortunate to have connected with you during my pregnancy journey. Learning from you has been an absolute privilege, and we really can’t thank you enough. You have been a wonderful source of support, and I will miss our sessions !’ 


‘Thank you Hayley for all your support during my pregnancy, I had a very calm and peaceful birth and also feel really prepared for motherhood with your postpartum support’.