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Hypnosis for Fertility


Lynsi Eastburn has been helping women to get pregnant through the power of the mind for nearly 25 years. She has seen some amazing results and, right from the start, she began receiving some incredible feedback. This inspired her to dedicate her life to developing the leading edge, fertility-specific, hypnosis-based mind-body system known as HypnoFertility®.


Improved IVF Results with HypnoFertility


Clients seeing Lynsi for fertility-focused hypnotherapy immediately reported having improved results, or what they called “night and day” experiences, with IVF. They told Lynsi they were having much better responses to medications, including not feeling battered by the hormonal rollercoaster they’d endured during prior IVF cycles. Hypnosis is well known for its pain relief benefits, and clients found that the stress and pain of their daily injections diminished considerably with HypnoFertility.


Retrievals yielded increased numbers of mature, viable eggs, healthy embryos blossomed, and clients experienced calmer, smoother embryo transfers and had much more peace of mind during the, what is often considered excruciating, “two-week” wait (2WW). Overall, they reported feeling better in their daily lives—more positive, more confident, and with a marked reduction in anxiety levels.


Women also described relationship improvements, and some said they had “forgotten” about their fertility struggles for snippets of time, rather than being consumed by them as they had been prior to working with Lynsi. To have dinner with your partner, to have a conversation with a friend, to just go food shopping without that relentless thought deluge can bring profound relief to the incessant suffering imposed by the struggle to have a baby.


Resolution of Unexplained Infertility


Lynsi also began seeing resolution of unexplained infertility in various capacities. Clients having healthy pregnancies after years and years of trying to conceive and never getting pregnant. Women with medical diagnoses that made healthy pregnancy seem impossible conceiving naturally. IUIs and IVFs that had failed repeatedly were suddenly successful. Some clients even became naturally pregnant before starting—or in the midst of—IVF (making IVF unnecessary), after multiple failed IVF cycles, and when using donor eggs was “the only option.”

Hypnosis to Release Subconscious Blocks


Hypnosis is the key to the subconscious mind. If there are blocks at the subconscious level, or the subconscious mind is not on the same page as the conscious mind, it can block pregnancy in some way.  When something that should be working isn’t, there’s a really good chance there’s a subconscious block to blame. Or more than one. Subconscious blocks are typically unknown to the conscious mind so you can’t really “think” them away. Hypnosis is second to none for releasing subconscious blocks, and it is the heavy hitter when it comes to harnessing the power of the mind in so many ways and for so many reasons.


Hypnosis for Anxiety


Infertility can cause a great deal of anxiety which may manifest as obsessive or ruminating thoughts, emotional turmoil, heart palpitations, skin conditions, digestive issues, teeth grinding, and other stress responses. Hypnosis is known as the antithesis of stress, and stress reduction is a major benefit of HypnoFertility. However, it’s not the only one. HypnoFertility is a multi-faceted system that can also help with nervous system regulation, hemispheric synchrony, emotional/spiritual crises, mind/body balance, restructuring old patterns, pain relief (physical and/or emotional), self-sabotage tendencies, self-esteem damage, and more.


Hypnosis: The Missing Link


Lynsi describes hypnosis as the missing link as in her experience it can change everything. The continuous positive feedback she has received since the inception of HypnoFertility has underscored for her that not only is the work she is doing effective, but it is also a powerful option for those so desperately trying to start a family.


Lynsi wants to help as many people as she can to fill their hearts all the way up, to finally bring their precious babies home. She wants to help you have your baby.


Lynsi has made HypnoFertility® readily accessible to everyone. There are lots of options to choose from and to fit any budget.


For more information, please visit www.hypnofertility.com