According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 10% of women aged 15-44 have had trouble conceiving a child.

Whether the problem is getting pregnant or remaining pregnant, pregnancy issues plague women consistently.

Dealing with fertility issues can be incredibly isolating. You may be left to feel as though you can’t get pregnant because there is something wrong with you.

But, pregnancy is, in fact, a reality for you.

Take a moment to consider the many ways in which you have been conditioned to believe that you cannot get pregnant—and why hypnotherapy will work for you.


  1. Your Assumptions Will Readjust 

Hypnosis works because it allows you to see that your previous assumptions about fertility may not be entirely accurate.

If you’ve experienced infertility in the past, you may find yourself in a place of hopelessness. You may have been given less than promising results or advice from doctors. And so, your assumptions about your fertility outlook have been completely skewed.

Hypnotherapy reinvents these assumptions and guides your mindset in a new direction. While you once assumed that pregnancy was impossible, hypnosis will allow you to learn that pregnancy is completely possible—and within your reach.


  1. Your Attitude Will Transform 

Not only does hypnosis adjust your assumptions, but it adjusts your attitude. You will find yourself feeling more optimistic about your prospects.

Hypnotherapy allows you to see that your optimism can quickly become realism. The reality is that you can get pregnant—but if your attitude is convinced that you won’t, this can genuinely affect your chances.

Attitude is everything. And hypnotherapy helps adjust your mindset and allows you to see your journey for what it is—which is “conceivable!”


  1. You Will Experience Less Stress 

A huge factor that prevents conception is stress. The stress you feel about not being able to conceive is absolutely not your fault. However, it is still very real.

Hypnosis works because it lowers your stress. It allows you to focus more on your relationships, the good things in your life, and the things that are going right. With the stress-healing power of hypnotherapy, your ability to conceive will become much easier. Without the weight of the world

on your shoulders, your life will be more balanced, more in harmony than it has been in a long time.


  1. Your Approach to Handling Stress Will Change 

Not only will your stress levels lower, but the way you tackle stressors that you do encounter will change drastically. Experiences that at one time may have completely stressed you out have become a source of reenergizing instead.

Your hypnotherapist isn’t there to dictate the rate at which you go about your fertility journey. They are only there to aid you and make the journey easier.

Of course, there is no way to completely eliminate stress from your life, but hypnotherapy will give you a sense of control over your own body and your own decisions. And this ability to have control over your stress can have a huge impact on your fertility journey.


  1. You Will Learn to Find Peace with Your Outcomes 

Not only will you find peace with your journey, but you will find peace with your outcomes. Hypnotherapy allows you to be in charge of your journey.

If you’ve been on a journey to conception, you certainly don’t need anyone telling you how difficult that journey can be. You’re here because it has been difficult—but you haven’t given up hope.

Hypnotherapy for fertility allows you a new perspective on hope and a new perspective on your potential outcomes. No matter what your circumstances entail, hypnosis allows you to find peace along your journey.

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Remember, fertility struggles are real, and you are not alone in them. There is hope. And as long as you feel that hope, pregnancy is possible.