Holistic Jam Podcast

This podcast episode focuses on infertility and discusses miscarriage, infant loss, and the pregnancy journey Holistic Jam Podcast:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/s2-ep21-hypnofertility-with-lynsi-eastburn/id1568934854?i=1000623010315  

Good Vibes and Thick Thighs Podcast

The mamas agree that the mind is such a powerful thing especially after this episode where they are joined by author and world renowned creator of HypnoFertility, Lynsi Eastburn. This episode dives deep on what hypnotherapy is as well as how Lynsi’s work in hypnosis helps bring balance to the spiritual and physical worlds and…

The Grimerica Show:

Lynsi Eastburn joins us to chat about Hypnofertility and how she helps prospective parents to have kids. She works with one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the medical world, working with doctors and clinics and also from an energy healing/hypnosis process. We chat about the 3 keys to conception, a journey…

Happy Insights Podcast

Have you ever heard of spirit babies? A spirit baby is a soul that is at the stage of waiting to incarnate to Earth. If you have, you are probably familiar with the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children as well. These powerful lightworkers have come in over the past two centuries to facilitate immense healing…

Hypnotize Me Podcast

Join Dr. Liz for a fascinating conversation about hypnosis for fertility with Lynsi Eastburn Hypnotize Me Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hm271-hypnosis-for-fertility-and-pink-starlight/id1181272913?i=1000618066803

Zero with Sam Tripoli Podcast

Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Zero with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome Hypnofertility specialist Lynsi Eastburn to discuss how she spiritually helps women with fertility. This is an absolutely amazing episode, an all time banger.   Zero with Sam Tripoli Podcast:  https://www.rokfin.com/post/131236/228-Pink-Starlight-Babies-With-Lynsi-Eastburn

Edge Talk Radio:

How can Hypnosis be used to help with fertility issues? What started Lynsi on the path of Hypnofertility? Learn how Hypnofertility can help overcome past trauma. What are the 3 keys to conception? What does the mind, body and spirit have to do with fertility? Can you connect to the baby or future babies with…

Spiritual Biz Magazine – Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings Article published in Spiritual Biz Magazine.   For over 20 years, author and board-certified hypnotherapist, Lynsi Eastburn, (MA, BCH) has been helping people globally in their pre-pregnancy and pregnancy journeys. Lynsi is the founder and creator of HypnoFertility, and owns her own private practice and training facility, HypnoFertility International. Through her work in…

Podcast: SoulFam Podcast – Lynsi Eastburn, the author and creator of HypnoFertility & Pink StarLight Expert, reveals the truth about Pink StarLights and fertility issues

In this episode our guest is Lynsi Eastburn, the author and creator of HypnoFertility & Pink StarLight Expert! Lynsi reveals the truth about Pink StarLights and fertility issues. We also talk about the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children and their roles on Earth. Podcast: SoulFam Podcast   Listen now: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lynsi-eastburn-the-author-and-creator-of/id1615215584?i=1000576702105