Enhancing Fertility with HypnoFertility: Supporting Medically Assisted and Natural Conception

Are you dreaming of expanding your family but facing the challenges of infertility? At Eastburn HypnoFertility, we understand the complexities of your fertility journey and offer a holistic approach to support both medically assisted and natural conception. Our expert, Lynsi Eastburn, the worlds pioneer in Fertility Hypnosis, founded HypnoFertility as a powerful tool to enhance your fertility journey.

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How To Comfort Someone After The Loss Of An Infant

When someone you care about has recently lost an infant, it can feel nearly impossible to know what to say or how to act. Obviously, your heart breaks for them, but that kind of loss creates such deep grief that you might be worried about doing the wrong thing – even if your heart is in the right place. So, what can you do to comfort someone after the loss of an infant? How can you provide support and stability for them when it feels like their world is caving in? 

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Can IVF Be More Effective With The Addition Of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is becoming a more widely used practice for a variety of conditions. It’s also becoming more popular for women trying to get pregnant, even before going through IVF.  We’ll cover some of the benefits of hypnosis when it comes to both pregnancy and IVF, but it’s important to note that hypnosis itself won’t determine whether your IVF is successful, or if you end up getting pregnant.