The Eastburn Team

Drake Eastburn, BCH


Rachel Cook, CH


Sherrie Martin, CH


Drake Eastburn, BCH



Drake Eastburn is a registered psychotherapist with the state of Colorado. He is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist (BCH), and Certified Instructor (CI) through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Drake and his wife Lynsi are the co-founders the Eastburn Hypnotherapy Clinic and Eastburn Institute of Hypnotherapy. Drake is an adjunct faculty member of several hypnosis organizations, as well as Regis University and Colorado Free University. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in the field of hypnotism, Drake maintains a thriving private practice with offices in the Denver Metro area. He works with clients globally via telephone, Zoom, and Skype. He has trained students to become Certified Hypnotherapists worldwide, and he offers abundant post-graduate and continuing education coursework for those who wish to specialize and/or broaden their practice.

Drake is the official hypnotist to the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team. One of the most prolific authors in contemporary hypnotism, Drake has written seven books on the subject, several of which are used in hypnotherapy trainings globally. His books include The Power of the Past (healing through regression hypnotherapy); Power Patter (a script book for hypnotherapists); The Therapeutic Hypnotist (become the best therapeutic hypnotist you can be); The Power of Suggestion—What Every Hypnotist Needs to Know; No Time to Waist—Powerful Hypnotic Weight Loss Secrets You NEED to Know, and the definitive work on his profession, What Is Hypnosis? Drake’s most recent publication The Hypnotist’s BibleA Reference and A Journey is due to be released in 2019. A gifted teacher and a life-long learner, Drake Eastburn has put his passion for helping others to maximize their potential to excellent use and has never failed to improve upon the well-being of all those whose lives he touches.

Drake enjoys spending time camping with his favorite camping buddy, his dog, Boo Radley. He and Lynsi were the first-ever couple to be featured on the cover of The Journal of Hypnotism (December 2009). 

Rachel Cook, CH


Rachel Cook is a Registered Psychotherapist with the State of Colorado, and a National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotherapist. She is a Certified HypnoFertility® Therapist, and a Hypnotherapy Instructor with the Eastburn Institute of Hypnotherapy. Rachel has made a career out of de-stressing people. She is a self-proclaimed recovered stress-addict who used to suffer from anxiety attacks. After years of using a variety of tools to change her response to stress, she discovered hypnosis to be the most powerful antidote to stress she had ever encountered. 

For more than 16 years, Rachel has been helping people to create possibility and freedom in their lives. Where once they’d experienced restriction, limitation, and pain, with her professional assistance, Rachel’s clients have attained renewal, determination, and confidence.   

Rachel has a passion for women’s empowerment. She specializes in helping women to liberate themselves and their lives—to discover their inner light, inner genius, inner brilliance. Her philosophy is that we are all absolutely fabulous, brilliant, and wonderful, but sometimes our inner light is dimmed by false notions about ourselves, toxic beliefs, stress, fears, overwhelm, and trauma. When we clear that away, our true, authentic brilliance shines through, and the whole world benefits. When a woman empowers herself, the ripples to everyone in her world are profound.

Rachel is a Colorado native. She is happily married to her best friend Frank, a musician. Though they met back in high school, it took them another decade-plus to have their first kiss. Once they did, it was love at first kiss.  

Sherrie Martin, CH


Sherrie Martin MS, CH is a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and one of only 13 Premier HypnoFertility® therapists worldwide. Sherrie has also helped many clients find their “special thing!” In addition to fertility, she works with those looking to relieve stress, increase confidence, attract what they want in their life, and get rid of what they don’t want. She’s also a former Speech-Language Pathologist and has worked in the medical field with neurologically impaired patients. Her love of neuroscience and her past experience has helped to make Sherrie “tuned-in” to her clients’ needs. 

Sherrie has her own story being on the receiving end of HypnoFertility®. As is the case with many women, Sherrie was focusing on her career and waited a while to try to conceive. After the stress of two failed rounds of IVF, with only one more planned, she decided to look for a hypnotherapist to help her enhance her fertility. Rather than an everyday hypnotherapist, Sherrie was thrilled to discover the HypnoFertility® specialty and immediately made an appointment with its creator Lynsi Eastburn. She could “see” her baby in her mind, she just needed a bit more guidance and training to get him from her mind and into her arms.

With the help of Lynsi and HypnoFertility®, that final round of IVF was all she needed. Sherrie conceived, felt confident and calm throughout her pregnancy, and was able to work up until the day she gave birth to her little man. She soon realized she wanted to dedicate her life to helping other's in the same way. Every time she looks at her little guy, Sherrie is still in awe of the power of these techniques that so often result in such positive changes to a person's life.