The Meaning of Life — Meditate, Listen, Trust

Article published in Excellence Reporter

Meditate, listen, trust. I received these words in meditation decades ago and since then, I’ve come to think of them as the three keys to life. Truly. These keys came to me at a time that would eventually lead to tremendous spiritual growth, a time when my world had been cracked open wide, its shards—and life as I knew it—swept from beneath me in an instant. It was an eye-opening time that I hadn’t expected, and that I’d never imagined could happen. Such is life, however. When you consider it, this happens to everyone at some point, in some capacity, and though it may be stressful, difficult, even devastating sometimes, there is a gift contained within. That gift is to recognize that there is a gift contained within. Within you. Three simple words, yet not so simple. The message was quite profound.

Cracked, yes. Broken, no. What is within is not broken. Cracking occurs when what’s inside can no longer be contained, when it must burst forth to be seen, to be healed. To be cracked is to be called—it is a calling just for you—to your path, your purpose, your journey, your mission. Cracking is a catalyst for growth; it is events set in motion. To move forth is to answer that call. To recognize an initiation, a rite of passage, where to endure is to ascend, to rise to another level, to transform, and to embrace that which is to be. To resist is to suffer; the shift is inevitable for even to ignore the call is to answer it—your refusal to answer is your answer and things will unfold accordingly.

I do my best to honor the three keys every day.

woman meditatingMeditate, listen, trust. I’ve linked them with conception in that I work with clients who are struggling with infertility. This is integral to my life’s mission, and over the years it’s become increasingly apparent to me how completely the 3Keys concept applies to this issue. And really helps. Not long after I’d first accepted the keys, I conceived my youngest child. I knew they’d played a role but hadn’t immediately understood how vital it had been or how relevant it would be. That to receive the three keys was not only to use them, but to know them. To hold them, to share them, to teach them, to unlock countless possibilities. To open the sacred for all who would enter. Though I hadn’t known initially, I soon realized that the 3 Keys to Conception (as I have entitled their fertility aspect) are the keys to life in all essence. To creativity. To joy. To love. To peace. To all we endeavor to aspire.

To conceive and create. To conceive a baby, yes; but to conceive of ideas, possibilities, miracles. To conceive of a life beyond what is generally expected or accepted. To conceive is to receive—to tap the flow of mystery, not so mysterious once we align, once we are mindful. To create we must first conceive. Of words to pour forth from beats of the heart, a wondrous garden to nurture and tend, the inspiring story that yearns to be told, a peaceful depiction to brush upon canvas, a need for children to welcome and treasure, and of everything we desire. This is life’s meaning as I have conceived it and I’m blessed with three keys to help me create it.

Three powerful keys: Meditate, Listen, Trust.

The meditate key may not mean literal meditation, though it can. But it definitely means to stop—to sit down and rest, take a few minutes of quiet, enter the silence, go walking in nature, take some deep breaths, practice hypnosis, take time for yoga, soak in a bubble bath, peacefully sip tea. To put down the phone, shut down the screen, just stop all the noise. Only then can we listen and on so many levels; tap inner wisdom and embrace inner knowing. To be grounded and centered, open and receptive, energetically balanced, and intuitively tuned fosters effortless listening. You can truly hear your own voice and inner guidance, connect, and confidently trust. Trust your intuition, trust Spirit, trust life, trust your journey, trust yourself. Trust that everything is as it needs to be, that everything is exact and correct. Always.

It comes down to three words—three keys—meditate, listen, trust. Meditate… listen… trust… all-encompassed, within and without. I am all that I have released, dreamed, healed, created, established, applied, shared, taught, learned, become… And so it is, and so it continues. One moment at a time, in the moment, in the now. Present. Infinite.