It is getting closer to the day when you finally get to meet your little one. While you are excited and also nervous for this new chapter, something is silently nagging you in the back of your mind. What will the actual birthing be like?

If you have given birth before, then you generally will know what to expect. But even then, no two childbirth experiences are exactly the same. And if this is completely new to you, then you may be even more nervous.

Many people have a general idea of what hypnosis is, but most do not fully understand the extent to which it can be used. You may be surprised to hear that you can use hypnosis in childbirth.

Here are three things you should know about hypnosis for childbirth.

Hypnosis Has Been Used For Childbirth For Over 100 Years

One thing you might not know is that hypnosis has been used as part of the birthing process for over a century. Yes, you heard that right!

Conventionally, hypnosis is limited to natural, vaginal births where no medication is used. Furthermore, hypnosis for childbirth is typically conducted by medical practitioners who have received a minimal amount of training into hypnosis for childbirth.

Hypnosis Can Be Used With A Variety Of Birthing Methods

As we mention above, hypnosis is traditionally only used with vaginal birthing methods. However, now, it can be used with cesarean section as well. Additionally, hypnosis can still be done  whether the mother chooses to have medication or not during labor.

It is important to note that while hypnosis can be used in a variety of situations during birth, it should not just be performed by anyone.

Hypnosis Can Make The Birthing Process More Peaceful

Stress for both the mom and the baby is a very real thing when labor begins. And even when medication is used to make the process easier, it can still increase the amount of anxiety in that room.

With hypnosis, when used correctly, it doesn’t have to be an extremely difficult situation. Hypnosis can help your body and mind enter a state where the fear response is not present.

When you let your body enter into a true hypnotic state during labor, it can help you have a more pain free labor experience.

Many people will associate hypnosis, of any kind, as a practice where you have no control over your body or your speech. Because of this, they may be hesitant to have a hypnotherapist work them with them during labor. After all, you don’t want to not be in control or present during the birth of your child!

With a trained hypnotherapist, this will never be the case. You can receive the full benefit of hypnosis during labor AND still be fully present and even talking, if you would want to be. You are still in control of your body and actions.

Is Hypnosis Right For Everyone?

Hypnosis is not a medical procedure, so there is no risk for anything going wrong. However, not everyone can be hypnotized. So really, it may not be right for you in the sense that some people’s minds are just naturally resistant to hypnosis. It doesn’t happen a lot. So what can you do next?

The next best steps is to work with a practice that is highly trained in hypnosis for birthing. At 3 Keys, we have the knowledge and experience to help you create a birthing experience that is as painless as possible. We truly believe in the power of hypnosis and have seen first hand how it helps the mother and the baby.

If you are interested in finding more about our Hypnobirth program, feel free to contact us soon so we can help you determine if hypnosis is the right step for you and your baby.