by Lynsi Eastburn

Organ language is dialogue about negative conditions which is expressed both outwardly and inwardly and can have a detrimental effect on our well-being. Why do they call it “organ”? You’ve probably heard yourself or others say things like: “my boss is a pain in the ass,” or “this traffic is such a headache,” or “what a pain in the neck she is,” or “that makes me sick to my stomach.” The subconscious mind is literal, therefore this type of dialogue can seriously impact the subconscious and will eventually be expressed physically in the form of hemorrhoids, headaches, stomach issues (ulcers, IBS, etc.), a stiff neck… you get the idea.

This is not unlike the negative self-talk I warn my weight loss clients to avoid. Statements like: “I hate my big ass” or “I hate my flabby arms” do not resolve the unwanted issue, but simply serve to reinforce the big ass or flabby arms. Self-deprecation, even in a joking sense, is never helpful, but it does create a clear picture, like a blueprint, for the subconscious mind, virtually generating the exact opposite of the desired outcome. Since our subconscious is the part of our mind that communicates with our body, those kinds of images and thoughts can do a lot of damage.

What about when a doctor tells you that you only have x-number of follicles, or that you have “low ovarian reserve”? That sends the same kind of powerful messaging, and can turn a doctor’s prediction, based on age or the hormone levels on the day they measured them, into something like a curse, actually reinforcing and creating the very conditions you wish to avoid.

It’s important we not only cancel out and remove these negatives, but actually replace them with the positive messages we want. In the book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Board-Certified OB/GYN, Dr. Christiane Northrup, shares an example of a tribe of native women who regularly give birth into their 50s, and even 60s. She hypothesizes that the reason for this is that these women have never been told they shouldn’t be able to give birth at that age.

It’s important to remember that our bodies naturally heal. If you cut your finger, often in just a day or two the cut is healed. It’s important to remember that our bodies are always rebalancing and rebuilding. Just because your blood pressure was high on a particular day, or your AMH levels were low on a particular day, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Our bodies are constantly in flux, constantly changing. The images and thoughts we hold in our heads can affect which way they change… we can either move toward healing, regenerating, or we can move toward decline and degradation. The words we use, the things we imagine, and our beliefs can make the difference which way we go.

It’s important to be careful with our self-talk. When someone declares—outwardly or inwardly—that I hate my big ass, or I have low-ovarian reserve, that person is giving themselves an affirmation; but it’s not the kind of  affirmation which will illicit positive change in the subconscious and our body.

What is worse is that this affirmation is steeped in emotion… hate, fear, sadness. An affirmation becomes more strongly embedded in the subconscious through the use of emotion. In this case the emotion is powerful, though in no way healing. The subconscious mind is goal-achieving, but not discerning. It is this very type of self-talk that, if left unchecked, causes the subconscious to perceive what you dislike, dread, or even fear, as your goal—and act to achieve it. It is essential that we think and talk about ourselves in more kind and nurturing ways, utilizing the power of positive emotion (love/compassion). As I have said before: “whether you love it or hate it, you create it.”

With regular hypnotic practice, use of thought-canceling techniques, positive affirmations, and removing toxic beliefs and thoughts with hypnosis, we can create a new narrative. One that supports our goals… whether that goal is weight loss or having a baby. We can actually download a new blueprint into the subconscious, and allow it to build a healthier, fitter, and more fertile body.